Show Etiquette

Hey all you rad folks, I’ve been AWOL again because it’s that time of year for moving and lacking internet access/school starting/crippling anxiety etc. BUT I’m working on a zine about how to host house/DIY venue shows and wanted to share this etiquette guide I came up with that will be included:

1) Show up with cash: $3-$5 is usually a good amount if none has been posted on flyers etc. Having to make change can also be a total drag. 

2) Respect the house: DO NOT BREAK THINGS, don’t enter closed rooms or areas unless given permission by the host, only smoke where allowed. 

3) Save the heavy drinking for elsewhere: most places allow and encourage alcohol consumption, but no one wants to deal with drunk people. Keep yourself and your friends in check. 

4) Stay for all the bands: It’s a bummer to play to an empty room, especially when you’re on tour. 

5) Respect personal boundaries: Not everyone wants to mosh, be touched, or dance. Be mindful of your actions in other peoples’ space. 

6) Talk to strangers: Don’t be afraid to tell the band how great they were or compliment that person’s shirt. 

7) Don’t talk during a band’s set: Duh!

8) Offer to help with cleanup: This is a kick-ass gesture

9) Don’t Linger: This isn’t set in stone. Many shows become awesome parties or hangouts, and people attending and hosting shows are often friends. Check the vibes after the last band. Hosts and bands often want to pack up and get to bed. Finish your last beer or cigarette and be on your merry way

Anything you think I’m leaving out? What has been your experience of shows?

Coming back

Hey so, I totally forgot about tumblr. Infact, forgot so hard that I didn’t know I posted a few things last fall. Crazy. Anyway, I’d really like to start blogging again, so here we go, I guess. 

A lot of things have changed since November. People have come and gone in my life. Lovers, friends, people that were a weird combination of both. I helped start an art and music nonprofit with some of my best friends, Third Space Art Collective, which just celebrated it’s first birthday. I started booking shows there, then at my house, and now also at Live In Studio A at the local radio station KDVS where I’m also a DJ.

I’m going back to school in a few weeks. 

Happier life, more anxiety problems.