On June 25th we posted about a Newsweek profile of Personhood USA’s Keith and Jennifer Mason. They’re a married couple who happen to be leaders of the “personhood” movement to define human embryos as legal people, which would effectively outlaw abortion. As it turns out, their house was vandalized two nights later by an individual (or individuals) armed with red spraypaint. The couple woke up to red coat hangers and the words “FUCK YOU” painted on their house’s outside wall. The vandals also shattered the glass of his front door.

Here’s Keith Mason: “I heard a loud noise and thought one of our kids had fallen down the stairs. I ran through a bunch of glass and I saw red—it was surreal; I didn’t know if it was blood on the glass or what. It turned out to be spray paint. There was red paint all over the side of our house. They spray-painted coat hangers all over my sidewalk and door. We called 911. The police were there within three minutes.”

He also said that his three kids were “pretty traumatized,” and that his son started crying when a vacuum-cleaner salesman knocked on the door in the days after the attack.

So, that happened.

Wow. So sad.

I am not quite sure that this was the appropriate way for them to voice their opinions.

It definitely isn’t, but neither is bombing health clinics on the other side of it. 

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    Don’t even get me started. Conservatives have their extremists. Right-wing domestic terrorist plots and extremist...
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    Even though I disagree with the two idiots that live here, it still wasn’t right to do this. I mean it’s bad enough...
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    Some one is actively breaking into your car: police response time - 36 hours~ Some one spray paints a coat hanger on...
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    This isn’t activism, this is bullying and harassment and it is wrong. These so called “activists” effectively stooped to...
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    This doesn’t offend me at all. fuck
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    Sucks for the kids, but the parents deserved it and then some. *shrug*
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